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Moving Tips

1. Utilities – Electricity, Phone, Gas

Arrange connection and disconnection with your phone, electricity & gas provider.

2. Mail diversion

Have your mail diverted to your new home. It is always a good idea in case there is someone you have forgotten to let you have moved house.

3. Discard things you don’t want to move.

Now is a great time to sell or give away any things that you do not want to take with you to your new home. This saves you time in packing those unwanted items and also saves you money as it will cost less overall for your removal.

4. Remember your pet

Pets usually get unsettled in the days leading up to you move. Consider having your beloved family pet stay with a friend or in a pet motel. The days leading up to the move and the day of the move can get rather hectic. Trying to find a missing pet is not something you need to add onto your ‘to do list’ 

5. Have the right boxes

Use strong, good quality boxes. We recommend using removal cartons as they strong and are the perfect size to allow our staff to move them quickly for you on our purpose built trolleys.

Avoid using plastic tubs (used for storing goods around the home), as they are likely to crack or break in transit.

6. Label you boxes clearly

Label your boxes with your surname, and which room the box belongs to. This allows the removalist to deliver your boxes into the correct room on delivery saving you time when you are unpacking.

7. Dismantle kit furniture

It is a good idea that kit furniture is dismantled where ever possible. If the furniture you are moving came in a kit form (flat pack form), similar to Ikea furniture, these items especially need to be dismantled as they are not designed to be transported assembled. If you prefer, our trained staff can complete this task for you.

8. Plan your new home

If possible, draw a rough floor plan of your new home and decide where you want your furniture to be placed. This make the move easier as our staff can ensure those heavy pieces of furniture can be placed in the perfect spot in you new house.

9. Have a moving day survival kit prepared

Prepare a box with some essential items for the first night in your new home. Some items you may wish to include are linen, towels, tea and coffee, toiletries, some cleaning products for the new home and it is a good idea to have your phone chargers with you.

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